This page features audio recordings of lessons by Oakdale’s preaching minister, Darrel Sears, and special guest speakers.

Recent Lessons

Freedom From Anxiety Series Freedom From Anxiety


Living the Peace of God Daily Series Living the Peace of God Daily


Sanctified Church Series Sanctified Church

A study of 1 Corinthians and how the church should live and act…

Intervention Series Intervention

A study of 1 Corinthians and how the church should live and act…


Beside Still Waters


Body Language


In The Flesh




Parable of the Talents

Darrel Sears uses Matthew 25 to discuss how we are filled with the Spirit, giving us the power to take great risks and accept the responsibi

Marriage Is Like Compost

Dr. Adam Mearse takes a fresh look at God's intentions for marriage relationships.

We Need To Talk

We were honored to host Dr. Adam Mearse for his “We Need To Talk” workshop, which included a lecture on sexuality and LGBTQ conversations.

Joseph - This Is My Story

Darrel Sears talks about the ups and downs in Joseph's life to talk about the ups and downs in our lives - times of despair, change, trial,

Bold Faith

Adam Suhler uses Esther, David, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as context for his encouragement to live with bold faith.

Fake News - Exposing the Lies of Satan

Satan is the father of lies. His goal is always deception, manipulation, selfish gain, and destruction.

The Inconvenience of Family

Youth and Family Minister John T. Langley discusses the importance of relationships, even when they're difficult.

The Story of Us - The Church in the Book of Acts

Darrel Sears dives into the Book of Acts to discuss how a spirit-filled church can start like a small spark and grow like a wild fire.

Motherhood Today - Biblical Principles for the Modern Mom

For Mother's Day, Darrel Sears discusses a mother's grace, a mother's faith, and a mother's love.

Blessed Be Your Name

Darrel Sears looks at some names and titles of Jesus that we're blessed by and should lift up blessing for.

For This Very Reason

John T. Langley use John 12:27 as a springboard to discuss our calling to follow Jesus' example and glorify God.

Jesus and the Funeral at Nain

God is in the restoration business. He can even make the dead alive again. In Luke 7, Jesus overcomes death with life in the town of Nain.

On The Door Posts

Youth and Family Minister John T. Langley discusses how to give life through genuine faith, rooted in Deuteronomy 6:6-9.

The Armor of God

Darrel Sears discusses spiritual warfare and the awareness we need to have of the war going on in the heavenly realms.

Merry Christmas - Living God's Story

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we praise God for writing us into His story.

Awaiting His Arrival

We live in hope and anticipation, and represent Christ’s faithful character until His return.


Encourage others with love, respect, and compassion, even in the hard conversations that test our courage and convictions.

Thankful Before Thanksgiving

When we are full of Christ, we have a credible message and example to take to others.

Light, Love, Walk

If God is light, you should be light. If God is love, you should be love. If you are in Christ, you must walk as He did.

Pursuing Prayer

Darrel Sears talks about the power of pursuing the presence of God.

Directed Formation

We make decisions, we think thoughts, we do things that form who we are. Are we allowing the Spirit to form us into who God wants us to be?

The Beatitudes

Darrel Sears discusses our blessed assurance and kingdom calling in this series on Matthew 5.

Is the Church your Soulmate?

John Mitchell talks about our call to love each other and do life together as the quirky, flawed people we all are.

Sparks - Taming the Tongue

Darrel Sears talks about the power of words and the importance of using them for good.

Heavenly Thinking

Guest speaker Cameron John shares a lesson rooted in Colossians 3.

American Idols

Darrel Sears discusses various things we often put before God in our lives - those things that can become our idols.

A Message of First Importance

Darrel Sears' Easter lesson exhorts us to live with power and hope in the present because Christ has secured the future.

Spiritual Physics

Lance Byrd explores how we partner with the Holy Spirit to do the heavy lifting of changing hearts as ambassadors for Christ.

In The Beginning

Darrel Sears looks at Genesis, as well as the plans of God throughout the Bible to bring us into relationship with Him.

A New Song for 2016

Darrel Sears looks at 2 Corinthians 5 as he discusses how God has created us as new creations to sing a new song in Christ Jesus.

His Name Shall Be Jesus

Darrel Sears speaks about the hope, peace, joy, and love we have we celebrate Christ's coming and anticipate His return.


Darrel Sears talks about how God pours his love into us and how that should overflow in the love and service we pour into others.

Hard Teachings of Jesus

Preaching Minister Darrel Sears discusses hard teachings of Jesus, why they matter, and how they should change us.

Passing the Baton of Faithfulness

Guest speaker Dr. Bill Goad, executive vice president of Oklahoma Christian University, exhorts us to share our faith.

Baggage Claim

Darrel Sears discusses the baggage we have and our call to carry each other's burdens.


Mike Rhodes speaks about his recovery from addiction and finding strength in weakness.

Called By God

Preaching Minister Darrel Sears exhorts us to live out our calling with promise and purpose.

Go Green

Guest speaker Wes McKinzie uses St. Patrick's Day as a backdrop to discuss God's work in our lives.


Darrel Sears talks about living life through the Spirit.

Lost and Found

Darrel Sears discusses lessons found in Luke 15.

Science & Faith Seminar

Q&A with Dr. Jim Baird from Oklahoma Christian University as part of the Science & Faith Seminar at Oakdale.

The Christmas Story

Darrel Sears recounts the birth of Jesus this Christmas season.

The Thanksgiving Spirit

Darrel Sears talks about developing a thankful spirit.

Home - Where God and Family Come Together

Darrel Sears discusses God's calling for our homes and families.

Oakdale 101

Darrel Sears discusses core values for loving God and our neighbors.

Love Is

Darrel Sears talks about the qualities of love.