This page features audio recordings of lessons by Oakdale’s preaching minister, Darrel Sears, and special guest speakers.

Recent Lessons

Freedom From Anxiety Series Freedom From Anxiety


Living the Peace of God Daily Series Living the Peace of God Daily


Sanctified Church Series Sanctified Church

A study of 1 Corinthians and how the church should live and act…

Intervention Series Intervention

A study of 1 Corinthians and how the church should live and act…


Beside Still Waters


Body Language


In The Flesh




Parable of the Talents

Darrel Sears uses Matthew 25 to discuss how we are filled with the Spirit, giving us the power to take great risks and accept the responsibi

Marriage Is Like Compost

Dr. Adam Mearse takes a fresh look at God's intentions for marriage relationships.

We Need To Talk

We were honored to host Dr. Adam Mearse for his “We Need To Talk” workshop, which included a lecture on sexuality and LGBTQ conversations.

Joseph - This Is My Story

Darrel Sears talks about the ups and downs in Joseph's life to talk about the ups and downs in our lives - times of despair, change, trial,


Mike Rhodes speaks about his recovery from addiction and finding strength in weakness.

Called By God

Preaching Minister Darrel Sears exhorts us to live out our calling with promise and purpose.

Go Green

Guest speaker Wes McKinzie uses St. Patrick's Day as a backdrop to discuss God's work in our lives.


Darrel Sears talks about living life through the Spirit.

Lost and Found

Darrel Sears discusses lessons found in Luke 15.

Science & Faith Seminar

Q&A with Dr. Jim Baird from Oklahoma Christian University as part of the Science & Faith Seminar at Oakdale.

The Christmas Story

Darrel Sears recounts the birth of Jesus this Christmas season.

The Thanksgiving Spirit

Darrel Sears talks about developing a thankful spirit.

Home - Where God and Family Come Together

Darrel Sears discusses God's calling for our homes and families.

Oakdale 101

Darrel Sears discusses core values for loving God and our neighbors.

Love Is

Darrel Sears talks about the qualities of love.