A pier can be defined both as a ‘supporting beam’ and as a ‘landing place for ships.’ Through The Pier, a ministry of the Church of Christ at Oakdale, we seek to fulfill both definitions as a support for families and a place where you can find refuge, rest, and peace from the waves you’re navigating. Our activities are geared toward teens, but are meant to be lived out together as families. Everyone is welcome, as we come as people from different places to create the family of God – where the Father is the source of all wisdom and guidance, the Son is our example of how to live, and the Spirit is living and active, transforming us daily.

We meet at Oakdale School each Sunday at 9:00 am to dig into the life-giving words of Scripture, encourage each other, and hear faith stories from others in our community. Through this weekly gathering and many other activities throughout the year, we emphasize biblical knowledge, community service, evangelistic outreach, and spiritual development. If you live in the Oakdale area, we want to become family for your family.

Bible Study
We believe the Word of God is inspired, but we don’t always read it for the life-changing, radical book it is. Therefore, we seek to grow deeper in our knowledge of the Word of God through study, storytelling, and memorization, not just for the facts and figures, but to recapture that inspiration in our hearts again. We are not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

It takes the church to raise a child. Deuteronomy 6 gives responsibility for passing on faith to the family, and Ephesians 4 gives responsibility for living that faith to the church. We will encourage faith development in as many ways as possible. Generations will know and be known by each other so our youth will truly be brought up in the way of the Lord.

As followers of Christ, we have been given a ministry and a message. We will minister to others through loving service and support, and we will share the message with grace and mercy to those who have yet to experience the fullness of Christ. Reaching out in our schools, our neighborhoods, and our recreation groups, we trust the Spirit to connect our lives with others who need the love of Christ.

Spiritual Development
Only God can cause the spiritual growth that we desire, so we will make sure we are ready – like a cultivated garden waiting on the farmer – for the Father to come and increase our faith, our hope, and our love for others. Through spiritual disciplines and an encouraging spiritual community, we will move towards completeness in Christ, unity with the Spirit, and faithfulness to the Father.

Click here for the job description and application information for Oakdale’s open Youth & Family Minister position.